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Orbis Future Vision Leaders Pose During a Fundraiser

Laval University’s Orbis Future Vision Leaders Host Virtual Flying Eye Hospital Visit

Our Orbis Future Vision Leaders at the University of Laval raised funds and awareness to support the work of Orbis Canada.

In February, the iconic Orbis Flying Eye Hospital made a virtual stop in Laval, Quebec as part of a symposium put together by Laval University’s chapter of the Orbis Future Vision Leaders. Led by students, Yosra Er-Reguyeg and Anas Abu-Dieh, both third year medical students, the event raised more than $1,200 for Orbis Canada.

Being part of the Orbis Future Vision Leaders program is meaningful for both students. Er-Reguyeg was inspired to pursue a career in ophthalmology after her father experienced a central retinal vein occlusion. His condition had a significant impact on the family, and it seemed like a field where she could make a difference for other families. For Abu-Dieh it was a desire to help others through his love of science and, in particular, to help people regain or retain their sight, that led him to the field.

The events the duo planned included a fundraising sale of helpful medical supplies, which took place over the lunch hour during one week in February. Items available included scrub caps, stickers and other merchandise their peers said would be useful for medical students. Then, as part of a student-run symposium that same week, Er-Reguyeg and Abu-Dieh hosted a virtual visit of Orbis’s Flying Eye Hospital.

They worked with the presidents of the CRÂNE symposium, Fei Wu and Phillippe Chassé, to find an appropriate way to make Orbis part of the event.

Abu-Dieh notes, “Initially, it started off as a small idea to do something with Orbis. Then we remembered that Orbis has a whole plane dedicated to their work.” This led to the idea of hosting a virtual tour as part of the symposium. “For people who don't know anything about Orbis, I think they would want to know ‘Why does an organization have their own plane?’ Aviation and health are two amazing topics, and I think merging them into one made for a great experience,” he says. “We’re both very proud of how it turned out and we have received great feedback from everyone who was there in person and virtually.”

The virtual tour was a big success with Orbis Volunteer Faculty members from across Canada beaming in to share their experiences with the students who attended. Symposium attendees were able to see the plane virtually and learn about the work Orbis does training eye health professionals globally.

Our Orbis Future Vision Leaders Yosra Er-Reguyeg and Anas Abu-Dieh

Both students were also happy to make an impact for global eye health “My aspiration is to help the underserved populations in Canada and across the world.” says Abu-Dieh. “I am the son of immigrants to Canada, and I consider myself to have grown up in privilege, but I’ve also had the opportunity to see how people live in less fortunate areas around the world. I’ve made it a personal objective to give back and help different communities that need it. The Orbis Future Vision Leaders program is a first step in that journey.”

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