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Become a Monthly Donor

The time is right to become a Partner in Sight. Make this year the year you become an Orbis Canada monthly donor. Sign up today and save a child's sight for as little as $8 per month.

Vision Is a Gift You Can Give - Every Month

The ability to see clearly is truly a gift. But if we can't see clearly for whatever reason, the even greater gift is being able to easily access high-quality eye care that can fix our vision problem. This gift is something many of us in Canada take for granted – not intentionally, or because we don’t appreciate the kind of care we have available, but because we’ve never known life without it.

Access to high-quality eye care is at our fingertips should we need it. A visit to the optometrist for an eye exam, a pair of glasses to help us see things in the distance, or even eye surgery to correct a more serious vision problem. It's there if we need it.

But for so many people living the developing countries where Orbis works – this just isn’t their realty. Hundreds of millions of people, especially those living in remote or rural communities, are suffering a life of blindness or compromised vision because they don't have access to even basic eye care - because this kind of care just doesn’t exist. Whether it’s a lack of equipment, resources and medical supplies, or a lack of trained eye doctors and quality hospitals, the problem is real and growing. But there is a solution. This is a problem we can solve.

Join the Fight: Become a Partner in Sight

By becoming an Orbis Canada Partner in Sight, your monthly donation will help provide a steady and predictable source of funding, that allows us to more effectively deliver our current global programs, plan future sight-saving projects, and focus on our mission to fight avoidable blindness, restore vision and help ensure no one needlessly loses their sight to a preventable, treatable disease.

Join us as we fight to end avoidable blindness now, and for the future.

Become a Partner in Sight Today

Every month, your gift will help support our global efforts to:

  • Treat men, women and children with a variety of sight-robbing eye health issues.
  • Train doctors, nurses and other frontline eye health workers so they not only have the skills and expertise to provide the highest quality eye care possible for all their people, but also the knowledge to train countless other eye health professionals in their communities.
  • Strengthen and improve eye health systems by partnering with local hospitals, public health agencies and fellow NGOs to find sustainable solutions now, and for the future.
  • Advocate to make fighting blindness a priority by working at local, national and international levels to demonstrate the economic and social benefits of a strong eye health system.
  • Create a permanent, united eye care community by eliminating geographical barriers and bringing together the best ophthalmic professionals to fight blindness and provide quality eye care for all.

A Small Monthly Gift Makes a Big Difference

Sign up here to become an Orbis Canada Partner is Sight and help us put an end to avoidable blindness.

Partner in Sight Benefits

As an Orbis Canada Partner in Sight, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Welcome letter and copy of our Annual Report
  • A small-scale model of the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital to celebrate your first year of giving
  • Consolidated annual tax receipt every January for tax purposes
  • Exclusive updates and stories of people whose lives have been changed thanks to your support
  • Highlights and features about our sight-saving work around the world

Join us as we transform lives through the prevention and treatment of blindness.

Become a partner in sight today
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