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Donate Stocks & Securities

Creating a legacy through a charitable gift is something anyone can do. With some planning and the advice of your financial advisor, it’s possible to achieve your financial goals and leverage a small gift today into a meaningful, lasting legacy for the future.

Gifts of Securities

A gift of securities is a cost-effective opportunity to transform an asset into immediate and significant support for Orbis Canada. By donating publicly traded securities—such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, flow-through shares or stock options—you eliminate the capital gains tax that becomes payable if you were to sell the appreciated securities on the market and donate the proceeds from the sale to Orbis Canada.

Donating a gift of appreciated securities is easy, you simply:

  • Determine with your financial advisor which investments will make the most philanthropic and financial impact.
  • Contact Orbis Canada and let us know you have made your gift.
  • Instruct your broker to transfer your securities directly to Orbis Canada and complete the appropriate transfer form.

To make your gift of stocks or securities, please download and complete a Letter of Direction.

Endowment Funds

A charitable endowment fund is a one-time or ongoing donation that is held in trust by Orbis Canada and is permanently invested—providing income that supports Orbis Canada every year. Named in your own name, or to honour a loved one, a charitable endowment fund can be established to support a specific Orbis program or initiative.

Establishing a named endowment fund creates a legacy and is a strong personal statement of your support and commitment to Orbis Canada and the millions of people who will ultimately be impacted by their sight-saving treatment.

The Benefits

  • You will be providing ongoing financial support for a program, initiative or scholarship of your choosing for Orbis;
  • A unique opportunity to honour or memorialize yourself or a loved one with a named endowment fund.

Gifts of Life Insurance

Gifts of life insurance are an affordable and effective way to transform modest insurance premium payments into a much more substantial gift to Orbis Canada.

You can give the gift of life insurance in the follow ways:

  • Name Orbis Canada as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Your estate will receive a tax receipt for the proceeds of the policy;
  • Transfer ownership of a paid-up policy with Orbis Canada named as the beneficiary. You can choose to receive a tax receipt for the fair market value of the policy, or defer the tax receipt for your estate;
  • Transfer ownership of a partially paid-up policy with Orbis Canada named as the beneficiary. You will receive a tax receipt for the fair market value of the policy along with annual tax receipts for your ongoing premium payments;
  • Take out a new policy with Orbis Canada as the owner and beneficiary. You will receive annual tax receipts for your ongoing premium payments.

The Benefits

  • Smaller current cash investment leveraged into a larger future gift;
  • A charitable tax receipt for the fair market value of the policy for you or your estate, or an annual tax receipt for your ongoing premium payments;
  • Tax savings in your lifetime or for your estate.

The Benefits

  • Option of giving now or as part of your estate and will planning;
  • Satisfaction of seeing your gift put to good use today;
  • A charitable tax receipt;
  • No capital gains tax paid;
  • Donating part of your stock and retaining the remainder for personal use.

Gifts of Rrsp & Rrif Funds

Making a gift of RRSPs or RRIFs is a simple and tax-savvy way to transform these assets into significant support for Orbis Canada. By naming Orbis Canada as a beneficiary of your registered plan, you will receive a tax receipt for the value of the plan, avoid probate fees by removing these assets from your estate, and reduce your estate taxes.

A gift of RRSPs or RRIFs is a worthwhile alternative to a cash gift and you can donate all or a portion of your remaining retirement funds to Orbis Canada.

The Benefits

  • Providing a significant future gift, while still retaining ownership and use of the registered fund during your lifetime;

  • Charitable tax receipt for your estate;
    Opportunity to offset estate taxes and reduce probate fees;

  • Ability to make a donation, while still providing for your family by naming more than one beneficiary.

Donor Advised Funds

A donor advised fund allows you to have control, flexibility and involvement with your gift and is a simple and cost-effective alternative to creating your own private foundation. A donor advised fund allows you to establish a personalized, named fund and decide how your philanthropic gift is used, without the complications, associated costs and administrative requirements of a private foundation.

A donor advised fund provides an opportunity to create your own legacy or honour a loved one by establishing a named fund to support Orbis Canada now and in the future. When you establish your fund, you will receive a tax receipt for your initial donation, as well as all subsequent contributions. If you use appreciated securities to establish your fund, you will also be exempt from paying capital gains tax.

The Benefits

  • All the benefits of a private foundation without the costs associated;
  • Freedom and control to direct the funds;
  • Charitable tax receipt; Exempt from capital gains tax if appreciated securities are used to establish Fund.

Gifts of Property

Gifts of property provide an opportunity to make a more significant commitment to Orbis Canada than might be possible with other types of giving. Gifts of property offer a substantial tax benefit and can be made in a number of different ways—you can give the property outright, place it in trust where you retain the use of it for life, or gift it by will.

Gifts of can include things like:

  • Real estate – such as a home, cottage, a piece of land, or a commercial building;
  • Personal property – such as jewelry, antiques or memorabilia;
  • Cultural property – such as a painting, sculpture or other piece of art;
  • Capital property – such as stocks, bonds, RRSPs, RRIFs or mutual funds.

Charitable Gift Annuities

A charitable gift annuity allows you to make a gift to Orbis Canada, while at the same time receiving a guaranteed income for life. You can establish a charitable gift annuity by:

  • Donating a sum of money to Orbis Canada;
  • A portion of the gift represents an immediate charitable donation to Orbis for which you will receive a tax receipt;
  • The remaining amount is used to purchase a commercial annuity to provide a guaranteed stream of income for you and your surviving partner.

The Benefits

  • You receive a fixed income for life; often at a higher rate of interest than other investments;
  • You enjoy a safe investment guaranteed by a major insurance company;
  • You receive a charitable tax receipt for the portion of your gift that is immediately used by Orbis Canada;
  • Only a portion of your gift will be subject to probate taxes as part of your estate.

In you are interested in any of these planned giving options, please contact:

Lisa McKeen


Phone number: 416.413.7925 ext. 11

Address: Orbis Canada
192 Spadina Ave, Suite 421
Toronto, ON M5T 2C2

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