2022 Impact Report | Orbis

2022 Impact Report

40 Years of Building Brighter Futures

Dear Friends,

Changing the Way the World Sees

Removing the burden of vision loss eliminates barriers and creates opportunities for people to thrive. Healthy vision allows individuals to lift themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty and work towards a brighter future.

At Orbis, our work is about so much more than just saving sight. We empower people with the ability better themselves, reach their full potential and change their lives – and it all starts with access to quality eye care.

For more than four decades, Orbis has been a global leader and innovator in the fight to end avoidable blindness. We collaborate with our local partners to create long-term, sustainable eye care solutions in low- and middle-income countries throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Working side by side with local hospitals, ministries of health, like-minded NGOs and community groups, our mission is to make quality eye care accessible to everyone, everywhere. Here's how we do what we do...

Training eye care teams around the world

We combine traditional hands-on skills transfer with the latest in medical simulation and telemedicine technology to empower entire eye care teams with the knowledge and skills to tackle the most pressing eye health needs in their own communities. Whether it's an eye doctor performing complex surgeries in an urban hospital, a nurse treating patients in a rural clinic, or a primary health care worker screening children in her own community.

Strengthening health care systems

We strengthen eye care systems, infrastructure and patient referral networks to build eye health capacity and increase access to quality eye care – now and for the future.

Increasing community awareness about eye health

We educate communities and increase awareness about the importance of eye health as a critical component of better overall health and well-being.

Reaching individuals and families where they live

We deliver community-based eye health outreach initiatives, ranging from eye screening programs for children in rural schools to the mass distribution of antibiotics to treat and prevent infectious causes of blindness.

Advocating for equal and equitable access

We advocate for equal and equitable access to eye health to help ensure no woman, man, girl or boy has to live a life of darkness, dependence and inescapable poverty caused by vision loss that could be easily prevented.

Celebrating 40 Years of Innovation

Looking to the Future

As we reflect on the last 40 years of our work, what we've been able to achieve and the profound impact we've created, we're also keeping our sights set firmly on the future. The world we envision is one we strive towards each and every day. We see a world where everyone has access quality eye care, and one where communities feel the ripple effect of this impact with improved health, greater resilience, more opportunities and improved quality of life for all. With your support, that future is possible.

Our Impact Abroad

Our Impact In 2022

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Stories from Around the World

Canadians Making a Difference

Financial Information

At Orbis Canada, we work hard to ensure your gifts are used as effectively as possible. The funds we raise help increase access to quality eye care and save sight in the countries where we work. We also invest in future of the organization to ensure we can continue delivering on our important mission for as long as needed.

Orbis Canada's 2022 Audited Financial Statements

Orbis International's 2022 Audited Financial Statements (coming soon)

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