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Plane Pull for Sight

Orbis Canada's signature fundraising event, Plane Pull for Sight, returns to the tarmac for another exciting year! Get your team together and join us in Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver for a day of team building, team spirit and a whole lot of fun!

The Ultimate Tug-of-War Challenge

Taking place annually in Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver, Plane Pull for Sight is Orbis Canada's national signature fundraising event. Supported by National Event Sponsor, FedEx, Plane Pull for Sight challenges teams of up to 20 people – friends, family, colleagues and coworkers – to work together to pull a 60-tonne FedEx 757 cargo plane a distance of 20 feet.

We're working towards a big fundraising goal this year, and we need your help to get there! Sign up today and start your fundraising to help us reach our $300,000 target!

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Teams are required to fundraise a minimum of $3,750 for the opportunity to take part in this awesome challenge and earn the sweet bragging rights that come with being the fastest pulling team.

Each year, Plane Pull for Sight welcomes teams from many leading Canadian companies and institutions, including FedEx, RBC, CIBC, Hatch, Hoya Vision Care Canada, Alcon Canada,, CAE and many more. There's also plenty of friends and family teams joining in on the fun.

Do you have what it takes?

The event also features three additional team challenges to go along with pulling the plane. Teams will earn points in each challenge to ultimately determine who will be crowned Plane Pull for Sight champion. And, with a variety of other fun games and activities for participants and their families to enjoy, there's something for everyone.

So get your team together, fundraise and join us in Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver for a day of team building, team spirit, friendly competition and a whole lot of fun!

Don't think you can gather a team of 20 people? No problem! There's always plenty of eager volunteers or members of other teams who are happy to jump in and help your team pull. So don't let that stop you. Just get as many people as you can, sign up now, start fundraising...and get ready to pull!

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What started as a small event in Toronto in 2009 is now Orbis Canada’s signature fundraiser. To date, we’ve raised over $2.3 million to help end avoidable blindness and restore vision for people around the world.

A huge thank you to FedEx and all the amazing teams from across Canada who have helped make Plane Pull for Sight such a big success!

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