#EndTrachomaNow: Reaching Tsehay Before it Was Too Late

Orbis-trained Health Extension Worker, Belaynesh, used a keen eye and her years of experience to quickly diagnose Tsehay with early-stage trichiasis before it was too late.

We met Tsehay during our recent home-to-home MDA program last December. The 30-year-old full-time mother of five lives with her husband in Damot Sore Woreda in southern Ethiopia. While our distribution team was giving the family their trachoma-fighting antibiotics, Orbis-trained Health Extension Worker, Belaynesh, noticed Tsehay already had early-stage trichiasis.

Tsehay outside her home in Damot Sore Woreda.

Tsehay explained she had been experiencing severe pain in both eyes for quite some time but had not been able to leave her home to seek help and hoped the problem would go away on its own. Belaynesh provided Tsehay with an ointment to help relieve the pain and explained she would need treatment very soon or she could risk losing her sight forever.

With a new understanding about her condition, Tsehay assured us she would seek treatment right away. Thanks to your support, we reached Tsehay before it was too late.

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