PBS Behind the Scenes with Laurence Fishburne

January 2021

Orbis is proud to announce our new segment on Behind the Scenes, an award-winning television program hosted by Laurence Fishburne. We are the focus of a five-minute segment on the future of medicine, which aired on Public Television stations around the United States, but you can watch it here.

Watch our segment hosted by Laurence Fishburne

About Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes is an award-winning television program hosted by Laurence Fishburne that highlights new stories and innovative concepts.

Our segment features interviews with Orbis’s Vice President of Clinical Services Dr. Hunter Cherwek and longtime Volunteer Faculty member, Dr. Daniel Neely. The segment dives into the issue of avoidable blindness, its root causes, and how Orbis is using cutting-edge technology – like telemedicine, simulation training, and artificial intelligence – to tackle these challenges head-on.

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