A Life Dedicated to Fighting Blindness in Mongolia

March 2019

As one of the most qualified cataract ophthalmologists in Mongolia, Dr. Enkhutshin's work ethic is pretty inspiring. With the country's cataract rates so high and a cataract surgical rate the lowest in Asia, she's committed to fighting blindness in her country by sharing eye care skills with local eye care teams.

Dr. Enkhutshin, who carries out 20 to 30 cataract surgeries every month, is currently completing her Masters in Ophthalmology.

Her thesis focuses is on her sub-specialty and passion, phacoemulsification, which is recognized as the gold-standard in cataract surgery.

Even though she's busy juggling her role as an eye surgeon in a private hospital and being a mother of four, Dr. Enkhutshin is an avid teacher and is constantly finding ways to share her skills and knowledge with her peers.

​Many Mongolians suffer needlessly from blindness due to cataracts. Dr. Enkhutshin is working to combat this​

Dr. Enkhutshin participated as a trainee for cataract phacoemulsification during a Flying Eye Hospital visit to Mongolia in 2014, and joined us last year when the plane was in Ulaanbaatar.

“I learned many things during my training on the Flying Eye Hospital - some things were simple, but very important. I continue to utilize the techniques I learned during the surgeries I’ve done since.”

Dr. Enkhutshin

Cataract Ophthalmologist

After hands-on training by the best in the business, she's been empowered to teach and train other - imparting critical eye care skills and techniques on her colleagues in the fight against blindness.

The challenge Mongolia faces is that there are simply not enough trained eye care specialists to meet the need. And children, whose eye structure is different from adults’, need doctors with special training to remove their cataracts.

That's why we're so invested in providing essential training for people, like Dr. Enkhutshin, to prevent and reverse blindness for the people of Mongolia for years to come.

Mongolia doesn’t have enough trained eye care specialists to meet the need. Cataract is the most common cause of blindness in Mongolia, but the country’s cataract surgical rate is one of the lowest in Asia.

Dr. Enkhutshin trained onboard the Flying Eye Hospital. Now she shares her learning with others

I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given to train on the Flying Eye Hospital and I welcome every opportunity to learn. I am appreciative for the quality of training I received and that I can share what I learned with others.”

Dr. Enkhutshin

Cataract Ophthalmologist

She says that she truly enjoys teaching. It allows her to continue to learn and helps her to keep her knowledge up to date.

Sharing this training is how we build strong health systems to ensure people can receive quality eye care when they need it.

Dr. Enkhtushin is one of the most qualified cataract ophthalmologists in Mongolia

With your generous support it would mean more people, especially women like Dr. Enkhutshin, can be empowered to teach and train others.

With doctors like her, more people can have their cataracts removed and be able to see their family’s faces, their schoolbooks or their work again.

They could live a life free from avoidable blindness.

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