Dr. Murat saved the vision of baby Marla after performing cataracts surgery when she was 42 days old in Mongolia

Give the gift of sight in your will

By leaving a gift to Orbis in your will, you’ll be leaving a lasting legacy of sight for thousands of people all over the world. You’ll give the gift of a brighter future, the increased chance of getting an education or earning an income and living an independent life.

A charitable bequest made through your will allows you to leave a larger gift to Orbis than would be possible during your lifetime—it is a simple, yet powerful way of giving. In your will, you can choose to leave Orbis Canada a specific piece of property, stock, securities, cash or a percentage of your estate. By planning now, you can leave a lasting legacy for the future.

The Benefits of Leaving a Gift in Your Will

By supporting Orbis you will be equipping eye care professionals with the skills to screen for and treat eye conditions, providing communities with the knowledge to seek help when they need it, and developing a health care system that recognises the importance of eye care for all. You will share in our comprehensive and sustainable legacy of high-quality care and give the gift of sight for generations to come. 

There are also a number of benefits to you:

  • You are able to provide a significant future gift while retaining control of your assets during your lifetime;
  • A charitable tax receipt to your estate;
  • Reduction or elimination of estate taxes through careful planning.

How to Include Orbis in Your Will

Leaving a gift to Orbis Canada in your will is simple. Speak to your lawyer about drafting or revising your will or adding a codicil.

You will need to include the following information in your will:

  • Project Orbis International Inc. (Orbis Canada)
  • 421-192 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON M5T 2C2
  • Charitable Registration No. 88649 0994 RR0001

Let Us Know

By letting us know you have included Orbis in your will, it allows us the opportunity to thank you and ensure your gift can accomplish what you would like it to. You can email [email protected] to tell us you have included Orbis or are thinking of including Orbis.

If you have any questions or would like more information about leaving a gift in your will please contact:

Lisa McKeen


Phone number: 416.413.7925 Ext.11

Address: Orbis Canada
192 Spadina Ave, Suite 421
Toronto, ON M5T 2C2

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