Our Work in Cameroon

It is estimated that nearly a quarter of a million people in Cameroon suffer from blindness and 600,000 from vision loss. There is a lack of skilled eye care professionals, infrastructure and equipment to adequately address these needs which is why it has one of the highest rates of blindness in the world.

Success in Cameroon

In 2012 the Prime Minister of Cameroon invited Orbis to invest in high quality eye health services in the country. In 2014 Orbis entered a partnership with public hospital Yaoundé Central Hospital (YCH) to establish a comprehensive eye-care service programme. In the same year, Orbis entered into a private partnership with non-profit organisation The Magrabi Foundation to establish a Paediatric Teaching and Training Centre at the Magrabi International Council of Ophthalmology Cameroon Eye Institute (MICEI) which opened its doors in March 2017.

Since 2014, Orbis has implemented several initiatives that have strengthened YCH’s and MICEI’s capacity to delivery high quality eye care services. At the invitation of the Prime Minister, Orbis’s Flying Eye Hospital delivered its third training programme in October 2017.

In 2018 alone, we delivered:

Thanks to Your Support...

  • We're working to reduce childhood blindness and visual impairment by training ophthalmologists to specalize in pediatric eye care.
  • We're working to improve access to quality eye-health services for children
  • We're helping to provide the equipment and supplies needed to improve eye care services.
  • We advocate at the national, regional and local level to raise awareness around the importance of child eye health.
  • We are strengthening services at the district level and improving the referral system for children

In Photos: Changing lives in Cameroon – Saliou

May 10, 2018

We recently returned from a trip to Cameroon to learn how Orbis is transforming lives of people with blindness. There, we met a handful of the 150,000 people, who have lost their sight in the country. Cameroon has the fifth highest prevalence of blindness in the world and so much of this is avoidable.
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What We're Doing Next

We are just beginning our work with Yaoundé Central Hospital to enhance quality, efficiency and accessibility of eye health services in the ophthalmology unit. This project focuses on training hospital staff, increasing volume and quality of eye health services and the strengthening of procurement and supply management systems. With your help, we will also be providing new equipment and training staff on how to use it.

We are also a key partner in growing the Magrabi ICO Cameroon Eye Institute into a sub-speciality eye health training center for Francophone Africa.


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