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KeungShow VanCanada Candies Bring Hong Kong Pop to Plane Pull

At the 2022 Plane Pull for Sight event in Vancouver, it was impossible to miss one very unique and enthusiastic team of plane pullers.

The KeungShow VanCanada Candies (now the Western Canada Keung Candies Society) are a fan club dedicated to Hong Kong superstar, Keung To. While they were brought together by their love for To’s music, they were also inspired by his philanthropic efforts.

Fan club organizer, Aimee Yeung, was looking for a group event the club could all participate in together. She was already familiar with Orbis in Hong Kong, so she was thrilled to learn Orbis is active in Canada had an event in Vancouver that ticked all their boxes. The group were looking for an outdoor fundraising activity that was family friendly and a lot of fun. Unsure if they needed to be part of a business to form a team, Yeung called Orbis Canada and was thrilled to learn that any team of friends, family, colleagues – or in their case, fans – can take part.

KeungShow VanCanada Candies fan club organizer, Aimee Yeung, and her enthusiastic team.

“When I reached out, it was so easy. I felt very welcome. We just wanted to get together, pull a plane, raise some money and have fun. Everything is taken care of – it’s so easy,” says Yeung. “If you are a group of people who are passionate about giving back to the community for a good cause, you should do this,” she adds.

On the day of the event, the Candies were the third highest fundraising team. They raised nearly $6,800 and arrived with matching shirts, Keung To dolls and lots of smiles and enthusiasm. Yeung said people stopped by and talked to the team throughout the day, asking about Keung To and learning why they were taking part. A lot of them, Yeung notes, thought they had to be there with a company and were happy to learn that anyone who fundraises the minimum can participate in the Plane Pull.

Yeung also noted that, as a group of primarily women, they had initially been worried about whether they could actually pull the plane. In the end, they were able to make that happen and had a fantastic time doing it. “Within our group, we have all ages. We had grandmas, we had young kids. If they can do it, anyone can do it,” she says. “We all had so much fun. If somebody was hesitating to sign up because of that, just do it. It’s so much fun. Yes, it requires some strength, but nothing you can’t manage.”

The team poses proudly in front of the 60-tonne FedEx 757 they just pulled.

The event was also a good option for the Candies who brought their families with them. Yeung says the kids who attended had a wonderful time with the various activities and loved seeing all the planes up close on the tarmac. “It’s a great opportunity for adults and kids to get so close to a plane. Usually we go to the airport, we get to the terminal and then we get inside the plane. We don’t really get to see the plane right in front of us.”

The team shared videos and photos on their social media throughout the day and even received coverage of their participation in Hong Kong. Yeung says everyone was very proud of what they achieved and they are already planning their next fan club events.

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