Herzig Eye Institute and Orbis Canada Team Up to Save Sight

In collaboration with Herzig Eye Institute, we’re excited to announce the launch of a new program to help support sight-saving vision care around the world.

Orbis Canada and Herzig Eye Institute share a global vision to improve access to quality eye care in low- and middle-income countries around the world. As a symbol of this shared vision, Herzig Eye Institute has teamed up with Orbis Canada to create a new fundraising and awareness building initiative called the Patient Ambassador Program, designed to recognize patients who share their vision correction experiences.

Lisa McKeen

CEO, Orbis Canada

We’re delight­ed to col­lab­o­rate with Herzig Eye Insti­tute on this won­der­ful ini­tia­tive. Their sup­port will help peo­ple who do not have access to prop­er vision care — peo­ple in des­per­ate need of cataract surgery.

Like Orbis Canada, Herzig Eye Institute’s mission is to transform people’s lives by transforming the way they see. By combining exceptional surgical skill with the most advanced and proven vision correction technology available, they aim to give their patients better vision than they can achieve with glasses or contacts.

Dr. Modabber with local Mongolian partners

Centre: Dr. Milad Modabber, Associate Surgeon at Herzig Eye Institute, joined Orbis’s Flying Eye Hospital program in Mongolia in the fall of 2018.

Cherry Tabb

Co-Founder & CEO, Herzig Eye Institute

Herzig Eye Insti­tute is proud to sup­port Orbis Cana­da in its efforts to make eye care and cataract surgery acces­si­ble in under­served com­mu­ni­ties all over the world, such as Chi­na, Ethiopia, Mon­go­lia and India. Every day, our sur­geons improve the lives of Cana­di­ans by improv­ing their vision – these con­tri­bu­tions will help expand those efforts.

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness and vision loss in the world, accounting for around 35% of global blindness. In Canada, we have relatively easy access to cataract surgery – a simple 20-minute procedure to remove the clouded natural lens in the eye and replace it with a clear, artificial lens implant. But in many of the countries in which Orbis works, this isn’t the case.

Through this collaboration, Orbis Canada and Herzig Eye Institute hope to develop a community of Canadians who share our vision of a world where no one has to live with poor vision or blindness because of cataracts. By improving access to quality vision care, like cataract surgery, in low- and middle-income countries, we can help reduce the burden of blindness, transform lives and lift families out of poverty to create greater opportunities, expand possibilities and ultimately build brighter futures.

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