Orbis Anaesthesiologist Providing Critical Care on Front-lines against Coronavirus

Staff Anaesthesiologist, Dr. Andrew Choyce, started volunteering with Orbis 15 years ago. For the last 10 years he's been splitting his time between the Flying Eye Hospital and two UK hospitals. Like other Orbis medical staff and Volunteer Faculty, Andrew is now using his skills on the front-line of the pandemic in his native country of England.

In a conversation with Dr. Choyce, he tells us “After completing training, many anaesthetists choose to have some commitment to the intensive care unit. I didn't, because I chose to help teach and train health professionals around the world with Orbis. However, we all maintain the core skill-set to be ICU doctors, which is why I'm able to help out now.”

Having worked with us for 15 years, many here at Orbis know him personally and can testify to his commitment to helping others, even in the face of great uncertainty and risk.

Andrew on the front-lines in London, England

“With all of our Flying Eye Hospital programs temporarily on hold, I had no hesitation making myself available full time and be part of the front-line team of dedicated doctors, nurses and other National Health Service staff who are making the immense effort to limit the harm of this dreadful pandemic. Of course, we still have to manage the routine emergencies and urgent surgical cases at the same time as Covid-19 ICU patients, so I am splitting my time and helping out where I can”.

Andrew is an excellent teacher and loves sharing his skills with colleagues all over the world. He tells us that working in challenging circumstances where he knows he can give some benefit to local anaesthesiologists is what gives him ‘the buzz’.

Dr. Andrew Choyce

Orbis Staff Anaesthesiologist

It’s com­fort­ing to know that the work I’m doing here in the UK is being repli­cat­ed by so many of the peo­ple I’ve worked with over the last decade with Orbis. My thoughts are with them and my efforts inspired by them.”

And now many of the people Andrew has been teaching and training over the last 15 years are using their improved skills to fight the virus in their own countries:

“Orbis has given me the most incredible contact list of international colleagues from both our partner hospitals and Volunteer Faculty. Many of my friends and colleagues will be using their anaesthesia skills to save lives right now."

We’d like to say a very special and heartfelt thank you to Dr. Choyce for the work he’s doing right now on the frontlines of the pandemic, and for sharing his skills with countless colleagues around the world.

With people like Andrew on the frontline, we’re confident many lives will be saved. Stay safe and stay in touch Andrew.


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