Jamaica 2006: Building Lasting Partnerships

The first Flying Eye Hospital program of 2019 will be taking place in Jamaica at the beginning of April – marking the 8th time our crew have visited this beautiful island.

Our team of volunteers are looking forward to meeting old friends, having visited the Caribbean as recently as May last year.

Orbis team in Barbados.

The team in Barbados last year

It’s been 13 years since the Flying Eye Hospital last touched down in Kingston, back in the old DC-10 days. This time, we’ll be landing our MD-10 aircraft kitted out with state-of-the-art simulation technology and live broadcast capabilities via Cybersight.

Thanks to our MD-10's state-of-the art audio/visual capabilities, live training surgeries can now be broadcast around the world. And with more than 10,000 eye health professionals signed up, we’re expecting this project to make a bigger splash than ever before.

Orbis Flying Eye Hospital Project Jamaica 2006

The Flying Eye Hospital crew in Jamaica in 2006

As our teams gear up for their next Jamaican adventure, we’d like to thank our local partners for hosting our Flying Eye Hospital team and sharing our commitment to helping change the way the world sees.

Live surgeries and lectures from the plane

Sign up
Orbis meeting the Ministry of Health in Jamaica 2006

Making friends: Orbis staff meet members of the Ministry of Health in 2006

We also want to say a big thank-you to FedEx for supporting our 2019 Jamaica project. This year’s Flying Eye Hospital programs coincide with the 37-year anniversary of FedEx’s long-standing commitment to helping Orbis. It’s fitting that they were also our sponsor back in 2006 when we last visited.

Orbis Flying Eye Hospital in Jamaica 2006 was supported by Fedex

FedEx are supporting our 2019 project as they did in 2006

Speaking of long-term partnerships, we’ll be once again reuniting pediatric eye care experts, Dr. Rudy Wagner and Dr. Leon Vaughan, who first met just prior to our Jamaica program in 2006. The two formed a strong friendship with Dr. Vaughan even travelling to spend a week with Dr. Wagner at his practice in Rutgers, New Jersey.

In the 13 years since they met, Dr. Vaughan has gone on to become consultant in charge of the Bustamante Hospital Pediatric Eye Department in Kingston, Jamaica – something which he credits his work with Dr. Wagner for.

Well, I think the initial exposure to Dr. Wagner's experience helped tremendously in developing my skills when it comes to ophthalmic pediatric strabismus surgery. His techniques have been tremendous in terms of helping me gain a bit more confidence, diagnostic skills, as well as surgical skills, and as a result, I’ve been able to impart that onto my own residents in Jamaica.

Dr. Leon Vaughan

Consultant, Bustamante Hospital Pediatric Eye Department, Kingston, Jamaica

Pediatric eye doctors Dr. Rudy Wagner and Dr. Leon Vaughan in Barbados 2018

Dr. Rudy Wagner and Dr. Leon Vaughan during our Barbados project last year

Dr. Vaughan is looking forward to the next Flying Eye Hospital visit telling us:

We're excited to have the Flying Eye Hospital come back to Jamaica. We're looking forward to it again - sharing experiences, sharing surgical skill, training and exposing the residents to practices in ophthalmology done all over the world.

Dr. Leon Vaughan

Consultant, Bustamante Hospital Pediatric Eye Department, Kingston, Jamaica

A big thank you to all our partners and supporters who make our Flying Eye Hospital projects magical.


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