Plane Pull for Sight Soars to New Heights in 2018

July 2018

What a year! On behalf of all of us at Orbis Canada, thank you to everyone who pulled, donated, volunteered, cheered and supported this year's Plane Pull for Sight events in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. Together, we raised a record-breaking $321,287 (and counting) - the most ever in the 10-year history of the event!

Following exciting and fun-filled events in Toronto on May 27 and Calgary on June 16, Orbis Canada’s Plane Pull for Sight event series wrapped up in Vancouver on Sunday, June 24.

This year, we not only celebrated our 10th Anniversary in Toronto, but we also set new fundraising records in all three cities, propelling the event to an all-time high of $321,287 raised. 

Ppfs Vancouver 2018 Collage

What's even better is that the money raised in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver this year has taken our fundraising total to well over $1.2 million since the event began 10 years ago. It's an amazing milestone and it's all thanks to our National Sponsor, FedEx Express Canada, and to all the teams that fundraised and participated.

It’s been amazing to see the growth of the event across Canada over the years. We’re so grateful for the support we’ve received from our National Sponsor, FedEx Express Canada, and all the teams that continue to come out and support Orbis year after year.

Lisa McKeen

CEO, Orbis Canada

Plane Pull for Sight is Orbis Canada’s signature fundraising event, which involves teams of up to 20 people competing to pull a 65-ton FedEx 757 cargo plane along a 20-foot course. The event helps Orbis build awareness, and also raise money to increase access to vision care and help restore sight to millions of people living in resource-poor regions around the world.

Plane Pull Calgary Orbis Org Header

Celebrating the Best of the Best

While we couldn't be more grateful to everyone who participated and fundraised, we'd like to recognize and congratulate our top fundraising teams and individuals from across the country for really going the extra mile.


  1. Tai Pan Tours (Toronto) - $14,605
  2. Po Lam & CCH (Vancouver) - $13,951
  3. Team RBC (Toronto) - $13,614


  1. Anne Lee (Tai Pan Tours - Vancouver) - $7,563
  2. Jacinta Kwok (Team RBC - Toronto) - $3,778
  3. Sarah Wong (Rockyview Eye Clinic - Calgary) - $3,733

Special Thanks To FedEx Express Canada

Leading the way once again in 2018 was the event’s National Sponsor, FedEx Express Canada, who not only donated the use of its planes and facilities for the pull, but also brought out hundreds of FedEx staff to participate.

I am very proud of all our wonderful FedEx participants and volunteers who continue to rally behind this wonderful cause. These are such great events, and to hit that magical $1 million fundraising mark in our tenth year of the event in Toronto – that made it even more special.

Pina Starnino

Vice President of Operations, FedEx Express Canada

FedEx is also a global supporter of Orbis, and the leading aviation sponsor of the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital. In its more than 30-year relationship with Orbis, FedEx has funded dozens of Flying Eye Hospital programs, provided critically important aircraft maintenance and shipped vital supplies and equipment all over the world.  FedEx pilots also volunteer to fly the Flying Eye Hospital to its program destinations.

Ppfs 2018 Team Fed Ex