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Plane Pull for Sight Calgary Fundraising Soars

On Saturday, June 16, Plane Pull for Sight returned to Calgary, setting a new high for fundraising with over $37,700 (and counting) raised.

Thank-You Calgary!

On a day that saw some rain, wind and unseasonably cool temperatures at the FedEx Ramp at Calgary International Airport, Calgarians showed that they know how to have fun no matter what. They also showed that they know how to fundraise!  

With the generosity and enthusiasm of everyone who participated, pulled, cheered, volunteered or donated, the 2018 Plane Pull for Sight Calgary raised more than $37,700. Just like the Toronto event three weeks earlier, this year's Calgary event set a set a new record high for fundraising by more than doubling the amount raised in 2017. 

While we appreciate and applaud everyone who participated and fundraised in this year's event, we'd like to recognize, congratulate and thank the following individuals and teams for truly giving it their all. 

1. Sarah Wong
2. Myra Madrilejos
3. Kaveh Sahebkar

1. Sunwest Plane Pullers
2. Eye Recommend
3. Rockyview Eye Clinic

A special mention also goes out to our fastest pulling team of the day, Sunwest Plane Pullers, who flexed their muscles and pulled the 65-ton FedEx 757 cargo plane in a blazing fast sub-10 second time of 00:9:16! 

On behalf of all of us, thank you for supporting Orbis and for helping to change the way the world sees!  Next stop, Vancouver on Sunday, June 24. 

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