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One of our Volunteer Faculty members held a live video consultation with a doctor in Syria last week, showing that technology can help us have an impact in places we would not otherwise be able to reach.

An image taken from the live video consultation

Dr. Dan Neely discussed 4 complex cases with Dr. Wael Hamoudeh from Almouassat University Hospital in Damascus, which continues to operate despite ongoing conflict. Dr. Hamoudeh has been an avid participant in Cybersight, submitting consult cases, taking courses and attending live webinars. A truly inspirational man trying to do his best in difficult circumstances.

Orbis Doctor in Damascus in 1998.

One from the archives: Taken in Damascus in 1998.

Orbis's Cybersight allowed Dr Hamoudeh and me to conduct a virtual patient care conference that was every bit as effective as if we had been in the same room, examining the patient together. This 'extended presence' enables Orbis to reach regions that would otherwise be inaccessible to our services, even in countries in the midst of conflict and instability like Syria. I am continually amazed with physicians like Dr Hamoudeh and our other global partners. Under the very most difficult circumstances, they continue to strive for excellence in their education and the care of their patients. It is humbling for me. I admire their perseverance and dedication.

Daniel E. Neely, M.D.

Orbis Volunteer Faculty Physician

We have a long history of working in Syria prior to the conflict in 2011 so this consultation meant a lot to many of our staff who had visited Aleppo and Damascus with the Flying Eye Hospital. 

A beautiful Flying Eye Hospital report from Syria , 2011

The Cybersight team continues to impress me with the novel ways that Orbis can continue to meet the development needs of our partners in even the most difficult of circumstances. The historic Flying Eye Hospital programs in Syria were very special and the Cybersight network continues to build & maintain these relationships by tailoring the resources and opportunities for such dedicated partners.

Hunter Cherwek

Deputy Chief of Program - Clinical Services

This was actually our first ever live video consultation of this kind and it was amazing to watch the two doctors collaborating in such a way, as if they were in the room together. 

With your support we can ensure it is the first of many. 

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