David regained his sight and his scoring touch

It was almost too late for David. But thanks to your support, he received the necessary treatment before it was too late!

David, a 10-year-old boy from Zambia, was born with cataracts in both eyes. Like most boys his age, he loves playing soccer with his brothers and friends…until the problems with his vision became progressively worse and he was forced to stop playing.

After hearing from David’s third grade teacher that he was really struggling at school, David’s mom, Gloria, felt there was no longer any alternative. Against the advice of others, she took him to the local hospital. There, David’s cataracts were diagnosed and he was referred to Orbis’s partner hospital in Zambia, the Kitwe Eye Annex.

David's mom, Gloria, took him to see Dr. Mboni at the Kitwe Eye Annex

In the care of Orbis-trained, Dr. Chileshe Mboni, David received the surgery that restored his sight. Now equipped with a smart pair of glasses and a renewed zest for life, David is thriving in school, becoming socially active again and playing soccer in every free moment he has.

Here in Canada, a child will typically have five eye exams by the time they turn 9 years old.

Living in Canada, it’s inconceivable that a child could permanently lose their sight because they did not have access to an eye exam. Here a child will typically have five eye exams by the time David had his first at age 9!

David is back scoring goals on the soccer field

Please support our efforts to ensure millions of children are screened each year, in countries that simply do not have enough eye care services available for children. This allows us to identify any early signs of eye conditions that require treatment and protect the vision of millions like David.

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