Innovative Spirit Leads the Way

Our Flying Eye Hospital may not be flying, but our mission is still in flight. When the world went into lockdown last year, Orbis adapted quickly and was able to launch the first-ever virtual Flying Eye Hospital project in Bolivia. As the year went on, the Flying Eye Hospital team and 47 members of the Orbis Volunteer Faculty provided critical training to 851 eye care workers from nine countries.

One reality the pandemic did not change is when eye care teams have access to the quality training they need, patients receive the quality care they deserve. The pandemic threatened to severely disrupt these operations, but with your support, Orbis was able to ensure eye care professionals could continue to grow their skills through quality ophthalmic training. In fact, the number of registered users on our Cybersight telemedicine platform more than doubled – a testament to the great need that was filled with these efforts.

Although there are advantages to hands-on, in-person training that typically happens on board the Flying Eye Hospital and uses the latest simulation technology, the learning we have gained through these virtual experiences will greatly enrich future programs.

Eye care workers taking part in the Virtual Flying Eye Hospital project in India received an interesting package in the mail. For the simulation sessions, participants received artificial eyes on which to practice their surgical techniques. They then uploaded video recordings of themselves completing the procedures for evaluation and feedback from Volunteer Faculty members.

It’s true that face-to-face training has a lot of advantages, but the virtual form has even more. You don't have to stop your daily work at your hospital. Instead, you just aim to be free for a few hours for the scheduled trainings. Sessions are also recorded and can be reviewed at any time when needed. There is also the fact that more professionals can participate and contribute and give their experiences – many of these skilled professionals could not attend if there was only face-to-face training.

Mr. Kanmegne Ninkam Célestin

Registered Nurse and Cataract Surgeon, Mother and Children Hospital, Yaoundé, Cameroon

"When eye care teams have access to the quality training they need, patients receive the quality care they deserve."

Your donation will help Orbis continue to give eye care teams the training they need to protect the sight of people within their community.