Dr. Daniel Neely using Cybersight to train local eye doctors during a Flying Eye Hospital program

Cybersight: A Lifeline for Learning & Sharing

From telemedicine to 3D-printed respirator valves, the world is watching as technology and innovation are playing a critical role in addressing and mitigating the challenges created by the COVID-19 global health crisis.

Orbis has always been a leader in harnessing the latest in innovation and technology to take our efforts to end avoidable blindness to an unprecedented scale. Long before the current health situation, our Cybersight telemedicine platform was bringing virtual training to eye care teams worldwide, including in remote and conflict-affected areas. Now, at a time when face-to-face training and consultation isn't possible in many parts of the world, Cybersight is a critical lifeline.

Through live surgery demonstrations, online seminars, a library of clinical resources, and e-consultation with world-leading eye health experts, we’re able to train and support eye care teams everywhere – even in times of quarantine and isolation.

Right now, eye care professionals are staying connected and accessing Cybersight at record levels for continuing education, virtual training and expert second opinions on complex patient cases.

In fact, online course activity on Cybersight has doubled over the last two months and new user registrations in March were the highest in the platform’s nearly two-decade history.

As another example, a May webinar was the largest Cybersight webinar ever by far – drawing an audience of more than 1,350 across 104 countries.

Dr. Eugene Helveston

Founder of Cybersight

The dig­i­tal age has caused the world to shrink while allow­ing indi­vid­ual pro­duc­tiv­i­ty to grow expo­nen­tial­ly. Cyber­sight caught that wave ear­ly, grew rapid­ly, and con­tin­ues to explore new hori­zons after two decades.

As well, telementoring through Cybersight is helping ophthalmologists around the world obtain expert second opinions on complex cases, improving their ability to make the right call about which critical cases to prioritize during this time. Our Volunteer Faculty are also embracing these consultations to give back during a time when their typical patient load is decreased.

Cybersight has always removed borders, boundaries, distance and remoteness, but never before has it been such a powerful tool and critical lifeline for eye health professionals worldwide.

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