Donner Canadian Foundation

The Donner Canadian Foundation is a long-standing partner of Orbis and a key supporter of the multi-year National Childhood Blindness Project in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is the fifth largest country in Asia with a population of 160 million people, including over 60 million children. Most families live in remote rural areas with high levels of poverty and limited access to basic eye health care services. As a result, preventable diseases that cause visual impairment and blindness, especially among children, are a serious public health concern throughout the country.

In 2013, with support from the Donner Canadian Foundation, Orbis launched the National Childhood Blindness Project (NCBP) - a comprehensive, multi-faceted initiative to reduce childhood blindness by increasing access to high-quality pediatric eye care services in Bangladesh.

Working closely with our local partner hospitals and the government of Bangladesh, Orbis has established new Vision Centres; created new child-friendly eye care units; delivered screening and school sight testing programs; performed surgeries and other treatments; prescribed eyeglasses, and trained local doctors and other front line eye health workers.

With the valued support of the Donner Canadian Foundation, the National Childhood Blindness Project has made significant strides towards creating greater access to quality eye care services and reducing the prevalence of childhood blindness throughout Bangladesh.